Woman’s Diamond Engagement Ring Turns Out To Be Fake After 20 Years Of Her Marriage – VIDEO

An aw-kward video shows a female teacher having an arg-ument with her husband of 20 years after a student found out her diamond engagement ring was unreal.

In the clip, the students ask if they can use their portable diamond tester on the teacher’s very fancy-looking piece of bling. The teacher gladly passes over the massive rock and says it is a particularly special diamond.

“It’s going to be big, we’ve been married over 20 years,” she tells him, as he passes the device over the glittering stone. Several uncomfortable pauses later, the beeper still hasn’t made a sound, indicating the diamond is unreal.

“It’s supposed to make a beeping noise,” he explains, as the bar fa!ls to go past a “three” on the density scale.The student tells his gutted teacher it is “straight glass” and asks her: “You say you’ve been married 20 years?

“Not going to l!e I don’t think it’s real.” The clip jumps forward to the teacher sitting behind her desk and interrogating her husband over the phone while the student slyly films further away. She sc-olds him down the phone, ye-lling: “You knew it wasn’t real?

“And you still gave it to me after 20 years? So this is what I’m going to get?” The teacher then appears to cancel the plans she had with her hubby that evening and it sounds like he is h-ot water. Noticing the lad is still filming on his phone, she says: “And you, get out!”

The video has gone viral after the student shared it on his TikTok at DiamondTesterKid – with many people joking that he’s made it his mission to “ru!n marriages”. “Imagine being marriage for 20 years just for someone to me-ss it up with a diamond test,” commented one person. Diamond testers are portable devices that pass heat or electricity through stones to determine how likely they are to be diamonds. A real diamond is made from highly pressurized carbon and has unique chemical properties.

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