Women Has Been Branded ‘Crazy’ By Critics After Shared Pic Of Weight Lifting 315lbs With Seven-Month Baby Bump

This eight-months-pregnant weightl!fter is pumping some serious big-mama drama — but she’s p*sh*ng past the shade parade like a mother slu-gger.

Squatting with 315 pounds of we!ghts on her back and about 5 pounds of unborn baby in her belly, fitn-ess trainer Yanyah Milutinović is at the center of a mom-sham!ng cyber-st*rm spun by “h*t**s” w!rr!ed that her b-uns-of-steel workouts are hurting her bun in the oven.

But their digital di-gs don’t bother her. “Those little ass-clowns on Instagram can’t stop me from doing what I do,” Milutinović, 34, told The Post. “I’m unbr-eakable.”

Crude cr*tiq-ues like “This isn’t it sis … You’re putting your baby’s life in danger” fl**d the comment section of a Reels video featuring Milutinović executing a series of squats and de-adlifts with her husband Risel Martinez, 31.

“If I was your husband I would have you *rr*st*d you clout hungry h—,” another keyboard cr-itic commented. “Is this l-egal?” some other shady naysayer said of Milutinović, a Serbian and Finnish native of Sweden. She is now living in New York with Martinez, who works as an NYPD police officer, and their 3-year-old-daughter, Smiljana. She’s due to give birth to their second child, a boy, next month.

In her probl-emat!c Instagram post — which has ra-ck-ed up over 10,000 likes and more than 260,000 views on her verified account — the musclebound mommy-to-be superimposed screenshots of the scoldings she regularly receives from social media sharpsh**ters who acc-use her of pumping heavy iron for online popularity.

“Anything for the attention. Like really, what’s the point?” one att-ack-er wrote, using the thumbs-down emoji to punctuate their disple-asure with her pregnancy workouts.

But Milutinović — who exercises three to six days a week, conducts in-person fitness training sessions for up to 12 clients weekly and has still gained about 40 pounds throughout her pregnancy — is unfazed by the ba-ckl-ash.

“People online think I’m working out for Instagram fame or for vanity because I want to look good,” she said. “But for me that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

In firing back at internet trolls, Milutinović penned a lengthy caption for her c!ntrov!rsial May 15 post: “Imagine if I would have lived my life the way that they would want me to, and that I allowed comments like these to br*** me down?” she wr-ote.

“Or dictate my decisions to live a healthy life for myself and my unborn child?” the pregnant powerhouse continued, adding that she exuded the same amount of sweat equity while carry*ng her daughter in 2017. “I am confident, strong, knowledg-eable and in tune with myself and my growing child.”

To bolster her case, Milutinović claimed that there is a flu-rry of studies that back her choice to run, squat and lift while housing her little honey.

“There are so many health benefits to exercise for the mother and the growing child,” she said. “Research has shown that women who are active during pregnancy have children with higher IQs.”

She also alleged that her OB-GYN is “super supportive” of her fitness choices and guaranteed that her incoming son is developing at a healthy rate.

“We did a g!net!c test of the baby and he pas-sed with flying colors,” Milutinović said. “He’s actually a little bit bigger than other babies at this stage.”

And her unash-amed self-assuredness has attracted a handful of online allies, che-ering her on for bodybuilding to the b**t of her own drum.

“You’ve been such an inspiration to me for years now,” one social media supporter said in Milutinović’s comments section. “Just know way more of us got your back than there are lazy, knowledge-less clo-wns that wanna at**** you.”

“Wooow, people are dumb. I am inspired by your strength and consistency,” another Instagram fan appl-auded.

And as a final address to her digital defenders and detractors alike, Milutinović said: “I am aware of who I am and what I want. I am built different.”