Worst Ever: These Hilarious Photos Prove Yours Day Is Literally The Bad Day Ever

When you’re having a h*rd go of it, sometimes it feels like there’s literally no one in the whole universe having a worse time than you… but these photos prove otherwise! Unl-ess, of course, you’re the subject of them – in which case, you have our condolences.Yours is literally the w*rst day ever.

1: Why she would put her head in there to begin with is beyond us.

2: You tempted Fate, Ashleigh. And Fate loves to be tempt-ed.

3: Mom said you could order pizza…but she didn’t say you could eat it.

4: She should lend her sweater to that poor guy without a zipper!

5: Everyone knows Apple products aren’t made to last…

6: At least it looks like the bottom layer isn’t all crapp-ed up, right?

7: And now you’ve gotta drive all the way back to the gas station…ugh


9: We’re trying to figure out how such a large piece of equipment could be bur*ed so deep…and we’ve got nothing. This def!es all laws of the universe.

10: A trag-edy to sandwiches everywhere…

11: The irony is that they now have to drive very slowly and carefully to the auto shop to have the gear shift replaced…

12: You might as well just lay down and die right here, because you are NEVER getting your shoelace out of that death trap.

13: The red label on the Coke bottle is for comparison…Ouch!

14: On the upside, if you stay in the car while going through the carwash, no one will see or hear you sobb-ing to yourself.

15: I don’t think that’s how you’re supposed to use the escalator…