Young Boy Named Thomas Moore Donates His Hair For Cancer Patients

When we watch the news, most of the time it’s all about the negative things in this world. We seldom find something that inspires us or anything that can make us smile. The world is full of bad things and all we want is to have only the good of other people. We cannot deny that sometimes, we see this good-ness in children!

So let us give ourselves a br*ak from the negativity of this world and fo-cus more on the positive ones. This story will surely inspire in the most amazing way. This is the story of a young boy named Thomas Moore. It all started when he was only 8 years old in 2014. Back then, he decided to grow his hair. He made this decision after his mom showed him a video of a 5-year-old girl suffering from canc-er. His mom, Angie Pulos, was watching the video when Thomas came up behind her and saw what she was watching.

He was only a young 8-year-old boy at that time and for sure, did not fully understand what he was seeing.His mom took the time to explain what they were watching.

Talked about how chem-otherapy and the treatment d*** that fight canc-er can make these children lose their hair. She was trying to make him understand in his innocent mind that the canc-er treatment d*** att-ack the canc-er cells but they can also affect the healthy cells in our body, especially the ones that support our hair and scalp. She also explained that those kids who have to go through chem-otherapy would experience so much pain and most of them would lose their hair.

While watching the little girl who lost her hair, this touched Thomas deeply. This is when he started to think about the other children who have the same condition.

He came up with an amazing idea and he did it without any doubt or fe-ar. He knew right then and there that he needed to do something to help, especially this little girl. Even at a young age, he knew how difficult it must have been for the little girl to lose her hair.  Because of this, he decided not to cut his hair until they have grown to a length where it can make two wigs.

He had no idea how long it would take at first but he was determined to do it. He wanted to grow enough for the little girl to have the hair that she needs. His aunt shared his story on Twitter and in an instant, it went viral!

It ama**ed over 57,000 retweets and a lot of people were amazed that a person as young as Thomas could think of doing this unselfish act just to help others.

For two long years, Tom’s hair grew full and long. Because of this, he also became popular at school. Now that they’ve cut it, he was nervous about going back to school. But he did go back and did not regret even a tiny bit about c*tting his long hair off.

Now, Thomas is a teenager and is thinking of doing it again! Who would’ve thought that a young kid like Thomas would be able to teach us, adults, a lot about kind-ness and being un!elfi!h?

Everyone knows that Thomas Moore would grow into a fine young man who has the heart in helping others in need , my nephew grew his hair out for two years to donate to kids with canc-er