Zara McDermott Looks Gorgeous In Skintight Bo-ld Dress To Show Off His Ex What He’s Missing

Zara McDermott is showing ex Sam Thompson what he’s missing in her latest Instagram display, d!tching her kn!ckers underneath a skint!ght dress.

The sc-orching h*t post comes after Sam posted and then deleted a skit of him lip-synching to a emotional video of Zara trying to win him back following their spl!t on Made in Chelsea.

Perhaps in a further attempt to get him back on side, Zara posed for a series of snaps in a skint!ght blue dress with laced-up sides.

With plenty of skin on show, it was clearly evident that the Love Island beauty had decided to d!tch her underwear and went kn!ckerless for the display.

The blonde bo*bshell could be seen leaning aga!nst a window ledge in the bright blue garment, sticking out her pe-achy behind. The laces at the side looked ready to burst as her hourglass cu*ves str-etched them out to the extreme.

The dress was made up of a patchwork of materials, with the sleeves featuring other colors including royal blue and orange hems. She fin!shed the look off with a pair of thigh-high black heeled boots, revealing them as she cr-ouched down in a squat in the second photo.

Zara was all made up with glamorous contouring, sculpted eyebrows, and a pinky n*de matte hue on her lusc!ous lips.Her golden tresses tumbled around her face in loose waves, with some falling down her front and the rest down her back. She captioned it “laced up” and tagged the brand Mata complex which is where the dress was from.

Her 1.4million followers were loving the series of snaps, with them racking up more than 24,500 likes in a matter of minutes. Many others left comments too, with one fan writing: “So beautiful.”Another wrote: “Yes… that’s h*t.”While plenty of others left a stre-am of fl-ame emojis. The post comes after Sam mo*ked Zara following their spl!t on Made in Chelsea.

He lip-synched along to Zara begging him to make their relationship work on the reality show but deleted it just moments later. Since Zara admitted to che-ating on Sam, she has been trying to win him back, even sharing a compilation of sweet videos from their time together.